Case ref: MLA/2020/00506/2
Licence ref: L/2021/00333/3

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South Bank Quay - Phase 1
South Tees Development Corporation (STDC) is proposing to construct a new quay at South Bank in the Tees estuary (referred to hereafter as the proposed scheme). The proposed scheme is required to support STDC’s landside proposals for general industry and storage or distribution uses within part of the South Industrial Zone (which has been subject to a separate planning application - reference R/2020/0357/OOM). It is envisaged that the new quay would be utilised predominantly by the renewable energy industry, as well as supporting more general industrial and storage/distribution activities.

In summary, the proposed scheme comprises demolition, capital dredging, offshore disposal of dredged material, placement of rock in the berth pocket and construction and operation of a new quay (to be set back into the riverbank).

The proposed scheme would require works in both the marine and terrestrial environments and requires Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in support of a marine licence application to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and a planning application to Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council (RCBC).

As the proposed quay is to be constructed in the riverbank (i.e. on land), construction of the new quay has not been included in this marine licence application.

The development of the proposed scheme is to be undertaken in phases. This marine licence application covers the works required for Phase 1 of the proposed scheme only. A separate marine licence application has been submitted for Phase 2 of the proposed scheme.
STDC is intending to commence construction of the facility during 2021 to enable operation of the facility by 2023 (an approximately three-year construction phase). Working hours are proposed to be 24 hours a day during the construction and operational phase. For the purposes of the EIA it has been assumed that construction works could be undertaken at any time of the year (i.e. no seasonal restrictions on works are proposed). Further detail regarding the proposed programme of works is outlined in Section 3.9 of the EIA Report.

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